Futuristic Royal Rumble

Date: 8/7/2017

By Y0Universe

I was riding a bus packed full of people and Ashley Novaak was on it. I sat with her and we started chatting and it got very flirty quite fast. I put my arm around her and I turned my head towards her when she turned hers toward mine and we kissed. I didn't really even mean to kiss but it happened and she liked it, and thought it was brave to just go after it like that. Then we put a blanket around us and she was touching me. My shirts came off and I was sitting in just briefs. Then she sat on my lap and I was feeling her up, and eventually started rubbing her V and she was like "we can't, there are so many people." Then the people across the aisle where like "wtf is going on." And the bus driver turned around and the blanket got ripped off and they made a huge spectacle of us. Ashley got super embarrassed. Then a cop came and took me over to a car. They were going to charge me with public indecency or something. I was telling him I had a brief shorts on the whole time, she was just sitting on my lap. The cop says he was going to let me off. He presented a ticket for $11,111, but reduced the fine to zero. Then shots rang out. People started coming out of portals and a big royal rumble occurred. Like 4 different hulk hogans were fighting all these other odd characters. It was so strange!