New anastasia duo chrome palette and math cannibals.

Date: 2/25/2017

By babybattleaxe

I was online schooled and an assignment was to create a look using the new anastasia uno palette. My mom took me to sephora (which didn't look like sephora) and it was full of kat von d makeup. I saw the palette and it was so pretty and had metallic duo chrome eyeshadows. It was in a glass case so I said we had to go to ulta. Switch to new dream. I was a party and the guests were poisoned. They became cannibals. I ran to the stairwell but a guest got locked in with me. He said he wouldn't eat me and liked carrots instead. I then saw my math class but it was a bunch of elementary school kids. We had to solve very hard algebra to lock the cannibals out. We locked the doors and then I woke up.