Strange mall/bar adventure

Date: 8/13/2017

By Busta_Caligari

Was on a vacation with my parents in Florida, however the setting resembled Northern Michigan to me. I was hanging out with my parents and a couple that are family friends. We stopped to eat at this interesting bar restaurant, but for some reason they could not accomodate a table for 5, so I left leaving my parents and their friends to eat without me. I wandered to what resembled Great Lakes Crossing shopping mall on the outside. For some reason, I carried a chair with me from the bar, but I saw someone else leave a chair in a bathroom, so I followed suit. I went inside and found a Mystery Science theatre attraction, with large talking Crow and Tom Servo anamatronics. I walked past it, and found an ice cream shop where a person I knew from college worked and was talking to another person from college. I didn't want to be seen, so I slipped out of the store without them seeing me. I walked further down the mall and saw a huge Nickelodeon sign. Through huge doors, I saw a large set where they were filming a show like GUTS or something. Having worked on a handful of film sets, I felt comfortable wandering inside. There was a live audience, but I could not see them. I thought I was out of the way, but after I had wandered inside, the lights changed, and an announcer announced a race, and the contestants were lined up infront of the door I wandered inside. Embarressed, I ran to the door, even as the contestants ran towards me. I totally interfered with the race, but I got out of the set without being apprehended. I ripped off my sweater so it would be harder for them to find me. I ended up back at the bar, shirtless, to find my family and company were eating entrees. I was upset to remember that I didn't put in a food order, and felt very cheated.