Admiring Promethea

Date: 3/9/2017

By Fitful

I was glad to hear that a high school reunion was taking place in NYC this year. For some reason it was a three year high school reunion. I was just glad it was in New York because I didn't think I'd go if it were out of my way. We were rented this town house apartment for all of us who would come. There was a fully stocked fridge and a courtyard inside the building. Several little courtyards to be precise, little patios open to the sky and surrounded by the apartment. It was a single occupancy apartment building, just a lot of rooms, like a house. I enjoyed meeting people from school, it was fun and undemanding. I was busy the whole time sculpting. Yes I had brought clay with me and seemed able to conjure up clay on the spot. It was unnecessary however because I think I just kept molding the same clay, and reusing it. There was a girl who liked to sit on my statues once they were finished. I created an abstract statue of a woman, a large thing the size of a human or larger. Once it dried the girl from high school would sit on top of that statue, where the woman's head was, and be there for hours her head tucked into her contemplating fist as if a famous thinking statue herself. But of course because the statues were only dried a few hours and not fired in a kiln they eventually fell apart. The woman first began to sag, then her head came off completely due to the weight. The girl demanded I redo it. I did, and set it out in the garden, a little patio section like I mentioned. I left it there and the girl sat on its head too. But this time she didn't even wait the appropriate 8 hours for it to cure. I finally redid it and it wasn't a woman this time, it was a mountain with a hat. The hat had a flat top which she felt was the perfect place to sit. Of course the mountain was stylized and almost cartoonist with jutting out chaotic edges and exaggerated cuts. I felt apologetic to the girl, that it wasn't a woman, the new sculpture, but the girl just sat on it head anyway, lost in contemplation. We ate out in the courtyard, a brick paved little section open in the middle of the building. There was an array of food, as there had been the whole time we were there. I ate apples while most everyone munched cake. I noticed as I was talking about diet that I ate really healthy. Some guy took a large wedge of my apple, almost half, and gave me a smaller wedge of his apple and a candy bar. It's plastic shiny package felt strange in my hand. While getting food, I talked with the girl. Apparently she did do other things than sit on sculptures and contemplate, the girl had to eat eventually. I either almost told her I liked her in a romantic way, or I did tell her. It was easy for me, like stating the weather with a bit of personal stake in it. I did marvel at myself for not feeling scared during. I think I might have had to do it more than once. Each time I did, or imagined I did someone called her attention away at that moment. I don't think she ever heard me or replied.