Grandma died and I Fight Godzilla

Date: 7/17/2019

By leathecage

I was at my grandparents house, watching tv, and my entire extended family is spending the night there. Before nightfall, I look outside and there is a beta fish as big as my car swimming around in their pond. When I turn back to ask my grandpa about it, it suddenly becomes night and everyone is asleep in the living room. My grandma was sitting beside me on the couch, and I realized that she was dead. I was distraught, but everyone else seemed unphased by it. I didn't cry, but I ran out of the house, and I was suddenly ontop of a skyscraper, and there were four random superheroes sitting on the roof. A ways away, I could see a city, and Godzilla was destroying it. I asked the superheroes why they weren't doing anything about it. They said that they did feel like it. I decided to take it upon myself to save the city. I travled to the city I lived in and took a train that lead me to a boat, and that lead me to this lab. In the lab, the Kpop group, BTS, was behind glass. I slid open a small opening so I could speak to them. Suga approached me, and I told him that I needed their help to fight godzilla. He agreed, and we all went back to the rooftop. We built a catapult and start launching boulders at the lizard. I suddenly step back, remembering that my grandma had died. I started crying, but I heard a voice from behind me calling out to me to confort me. It kept calling me Jamie, which is not my name, but I was drawn to it like it was. I then woke up, learning that the boice was just in my head.