Bas cudno

Date: 7/8/2017

By veselablesava

Had a very erotic and at the same time weird dream about being in this huge house with friends like on a vacation celebrating something. Somehow ppl were having sex with each other and when it was my turn for ppl to fuck me his gf and I woke hi. Up so he started licking me but somehow we couldn't find the other three guys that were supposed to fuck me I got upset and was yelling how it was my turn dammit and the door was open and then everyone else in the house knew that out of the four that were supposed to only one guy wanted to fuck me. I was so upset. Got distracted because I was looking at some pics and there was a very cute guy on them. To find out that he is in the house with everyone and that his wedding g is tomorrow. I then noticed that my hair was falling off. Like I just started peeling the dead part of the scalp and a huge piece with all my hair with it. It was painless and I sremembered that the car had the same problem. Then I called my friend to shave off the rest of my hair so I can be evenly bald for the wedding .