Staying at Terry Crews' B&B and the Cyberpunk Bar Rescue

Date: 6/13/2017

By fluffytree

*Contains minor spoilers for 'Empire' if you care about that show and haven't finished season 2.* In my first dream I'm staying in some shed like place that I guess is like a bed & breakfast with my mom, niece, siblings and their dad. A big muscle guy that reminds me of Terry Crews owns the place and stays here too. He has these big rottweiler dogs that really intimate me. Also a tiger that's just lying around. He has them separated from us in a different section of the house that's lightly fenced off but just barely. They could easily get over it if they wanted to especially the friggin' tiger. Unfortunately in order to get to the bathroom you have to go through that area and I end up having to make a decision of holding it or making the potentially dangerous trip. I choose the latter cos I don't have much of a choice unless I go outside or something. The owner sees my reluctance and says his pets are fine and keep to themselves isn't that what everybody says up until someone gets mauled? I manage to make it okay though and go back to my bed which is in a different section away from everyone else but something is wrong with it. I can't remember what but I think the frame was broken to the point where it wouldn't be all that safe to sleep on without worrying about it crashing to the floor while I'm asleep. According to my dream memories it's been like this for a couple days too so I finally decide to tell the Terry guy which he then fixes the problem by relocating it in the same room as my mom and niece are and putting a few screw in it to hold it together. I'm annoyed by this cos now I won't be able to have any sort of privacy. What if I wanna jack it during the night? Forget about that I guess. My sister notices that I'm annoyed and thinks she's helping by telling me how I won't be alone anymore. I snap back saying I like being alone which is mostly true irl too. I think about how I'm no longer lonely and afraid of being alone like I used to be. I'm proud of myself for getting this far. She replies back saying she's not surprised and everybody laughs. Now I'm wondering how long we have to stay here. IDD (Instant Dream Data~a memory creation aspect of my dreaming brain that instantly creates false memories and information about any given person place, thing, or event that's happening or has already happened before I entered said dream) says it's 2 days. That doesn't seem too bad. I suppose I can tough out being away from the comfort of home for that long. I'm now in another dream where I find myself in this futuristic looking building, at least it looks that way on the inside. The outside looks just like this building right down the street from my job called New World Center or something like that. As soon as I walk in it immediately has a resort/club type of vibe to it but it seems really chill. The lighting is low to set the mood and people around me are dressed in interesting but classy ways. I don't feel outta place here either like I usually would at a place like this. There's a group of girls I see talking together and I'm pretty sure they work here cos they're all wearing the same sort of outfit as the other two girls at the front desk. It's different but very similar and like a shimmering silver dress that's cut in a slant at the knees. Some have straps and some don't and some have various colors embedded in the dress' design too. Anyway I notice this girl I've seen in other dreams and go say hi. She's a friend that I met in a past dream that I helped get out of some situation with gangsters or something. I can't remember the details but I kind of saved her life. She has this androgynous look where I can't exactly tell what gender she is. She seems more female than anything but could also be a male transsexual who's in transition to being female, I dunno. She also looks just like this one girl from the show Empire, (*spoilers*) the up and coming rapper who tried to shoot Lucious out of revenge in season 2 and went to jail for it. She sees me and smiles really big and hugs me. It's always good to see her in my dreams and at least she's something stable I can rely on. In a past dream I had she did end up almost going to jail for something (although not the same thing as in Empire) but I managed to convince the judge that she was a good person. I got her a job at this very place too to help show the judge that she was getting herself together. I'm glad she's still here cos it feels like it's been a month since all that other stuff happened. We talk for a bit and catch up until she has to get back to work. She's also wearing a silver and black dress and I think the women I see her with are security which is really cool. I decide to check the place out and head up to a random upper floor. When I come out I'm in a big room that has steel walkways with rails that wouldn't feel out of place in a factory and it is a very odd place to describe. There are certain parts of the floor that are super blurry because they're extremely fast moving ramps. The further down you go the faster the floor is moving too and on the very bottom section about 20 ft below it's all white like ice but apparently it's just moving so fast that it appears that way. There's lots of people around too all dressed in silver jumpsuits. What is this place? Seems like a game of some sort though. I decide to go to a lower platform to get a better look and have to hold onto the rails only while not letting my feet touch the nearest moving walkway so I won't get swept away. I'm not sure how this game works or what's the point but everyone seems to get on a ramp and then just let it take them away. Once they reach the bottom they turn into a blur and vanish due to the immense speeds. This seems really dangerous and I could see someone easily getting killed. I decide I probably shouldn't be here and head back up but when go back the way I came I see this 20-something girl wearing regular clothes and holding onto one of the rails for dear life. She's crying too so I know I have to help her. I have to step past her first so I can get to the first platform near the entrance that has none of those speedways. She's right over the first one so I take her hand and pull. Her hands slip and she thinks she's a goner but I won't allow this is become some tragedy that's right out of some action movie trope. I hold on tighter and pull her with all my might until she's safe. She's still crying but is so relieved I helped her. She then gets out her phone and calls her mom while I decide to leave this place since I've certainly had enough. I head out the way I came in and to the left down a different hall which opens up into another hall that's lined with separate bars. It's so cool and I usually don't even like bars. Each section has stools you can sit at of course but also has 5 big screens at the top showing different things on them. The first bar I see is showing sports on one TV, a commercial on the next, some anime on the third, and gameplay from the new DragonBall game that's coming out and then something different on the 5th TV. I wonder how you can focus on one when they're all playing different things though but it's still awesome nonetheless. The place gives me a cyberpunk vibe where there's all these pretty lights and stuff and the barkeeps are not only all women, but wearing tight silver jumpsuits with cybernetic gadgets and stuff on them. I think all the employees here are female actually. Kinda reminds of Gerudo Town from the Zelda games where the society is all women, but anyway I can see this place actually being a hangout for me to come to frequently. It's nearly perfect and fits the kind of themes I like too; definitely a social venue I been looking for for awhile that's for sure. I decide to keep walking and observing when I spot Ronald my old next door neighbor. He moved out years ago but his dad still lives there and I do see him come back with his family once in a blue moon. He doesn't notice me at first so I tap him to get his attention. He sees me, smiles and says what's up before he heads off to wherever he's heading. I wonder what he's doing here. I don't see him with his wife or friends either but oh well. He looks like he's having a good time. I continue to keep moving until I get to the end of the floor by the elevators. I notice there's these collection of tiny urinals on either side of the elevators although the one at the very end is bigger but a little less than normal size. They're all in a circle and I wonder why they're out in the open as well as being so small but then I start seeing these little boys in gray business suits run up to pee at these stalls and I understand why they're so small. I think it's super cute and considerate that they made a restroom area for kids or little people. I wonder if these are some of the employees' kids? Also what's with the suits? So many questions. I see a stairway across from the elevators and decide to take those instead when I spot this blonde kid on the floor crying. He looks about 12. I ask him what's wrong and he says he needs to use the bathroom really bad. The rest area is literally less than 15ft away from him but I just grab him by the hand anyway and lead him over to a stall. Then he looks at me and says he's peed himself and I'm just like, "Uhh, ohhhh... " and not sure what to do cos I'm certainly not about to clean this kid. Where's his parents? My first order of business is to find them at least. Shortly thereafter some other kids a little younger then him (maybe his siblings?) come find him and talk to him a bit before he leaves with them. I'm certainly relieved that situation resolved itself. I wake up right after this too.