Futuristic Fair and Helicopters

Date: 4/29/2019

By leathecage

I was in a wheelchair and I was also back in high school, and my class was on a field trip. We were having lunch together at this long table outside, and one of my classmates started making fin of me because I was fat saying "I needed a bigger wheelchair". I need to mention that this guy in my dream was someone from my real life high school days who used to bully me, but years after graduating he had killed himself. That knowledge in my mind, I didn't want to say anything mean back to him in this dream, so I ignored him and instead started doing cool wheelie tricks on the table, which nearly everyone was impressed by. But then lunch was over, and we made our way single file onto the bus. Idk how I got up the stairs into the bus with my wheelchair, but I did. We then made our way to this giant Fun Fair, where I was no longer in a wheelchair. We were all given the watches that could teleport us to each event at the fair, and also track everyone there as well so we don't get lost. I found myself at this Go-Kart track, where it was absolute chaos, and it was amazing! The scenery was a haunted library, and me and a bunch of other people were colliding our vehicles in the mud, and it was insane! Ultimately, I had to cut my time short because I began to worry about where my dogs were. I stepped away from the arena and started talking into my watch to show me which event they were at. My watch kept malfunctioning though, being unable to register what I was asking it. Visibly frustrated, Robert Downey Jr., who was sitting at a nearby picnic table, spoke up, asking if I needed help. He told me to rephrase my query, because the watch couldn't understand me. So I did, and that worked. I thanked him, then I teleported to my dogs. I found my Corgi, Tobie, and my Boarder Collie, T-Bone— who died irl a few years ago— at this helicopter show. I was happy to have found them, so I decided to take them home. I found my mom and she drove us home. On the way there, I looked at my watch and noticed a lot of helicopter icons in the sky. Presumably, they were trying to find their way to the fair for the helicopter show. When we got home the helicopter activity continued, and we saw numerous amounts flying around. They were getting really close to the ground, making me nervous. One of them actually touched down at the end of the driveway, and ended up slicing our mailbox in half before my eyes. I announced what I saw to my family, but my dad didn't believe me. I looked out the front door window again, and this time I saw a helicopter crash down close to the house in the front yard. A fiery explosion shook the earth, and I leapt away from the door in the knick of time, for the explosion made its windows shatter. My dad believed my helicopter story this time, for I was told to call 911. I picked up the land line phone, which looked very foreign and confusing to me. I struggled to find the 9 and the 1, but when I did, someone quickly answered. It was clearly a man's voice, but it was so quiet I couldn't understand him. I just told him what had happened and he gave a quiet reply. Since I didn't know what he said, I figured I got the point across, and hung up.