can't remember

Date: 3/6/2017

By BranchMan

I had went to prom for my first time (I never go) and was getting drunk there, Patrick was there I'm pretty sure and he was also in many of the other parts of the dreams. I had been somewhere where K and A were there and I was trying to hide that I was looking at their Instagram but they saw, there was also a lot of me doing stuff I don't normally do. My mom appeared in many points in the dreams. Near the end I was driving with her on the highway and a car had went by, weaving through lanes quickly and she was astounded at their driving. so suddenly she's In a different car and I begin weaving through lanes quickly and she calls me freaking out. I then hide at home, which had been done once or twice else in this dream. There was sooooo much other shit that happened throughout the nights dreams that was once so clear and that I thought I would remember. After i decided I was going back to sleep after skipping school I almost lucid dreamt a couple times via sleep paralysis but I kept slipping out of the paralysis before it could really set in.