Date: 9/16/2019

By smitra11

My driver was taken into custody by the US city traffic for laughing at them and then trying to escape when they asked him to stop the car. I told him to pretend he didnt understand the original signal of the police. Still they arrested him. After a while the rest of us were given some restraining order too. The whole group, all of us. Later a lone police guy was escorting me to a place along with another prisoner, a black man I never met before. We were not hand cuffed or anything and then we approached a row of escalators, all going down. The escalators were too narrow and the police man took one escalator. After he was down a while he realised we were not following him. He turned and started running up the same escalator. It was going to take time. Both of us ran. We took two cars and drove like mad. The other guy stopped his car somewhere and waved me to carry on. I continued but didnt know where to go.