Weird wraith monster

Date: 12/28/2016

By figen

Me and someone else where outside my house. We knew some evil thing was coming to try and kill us, so we had to stop it. And sure enough, it did. A wraith looking thing came out of nowhere and started approaching us. It was made out of black fog, but had a skull in the head area. The skull seemed to be the weak point. It tried to use some magic on us, which we knew was really powerful. It could kill us instantly. But I charged it and punched it in the skull. The black fog disappeared, and I threw the skull across the street. But after a few seconds it reanimated itself. The other person told me we had to destroy the skull to kill it. We kept knocking it out, and I kept trying to stomp on it to break it, but I never could. I even threw the skull into the sewer gutter, but when the wraith came back, it just phased right through and came back up.