Death Sentence

Date: 8/4/2017

By 1o0Cactus

For a week I got to see everyone I love and care about die. Every night was a new set of people, and every person had a new way to die. When it started on Monday a shadowy figure greeted me, only for me to appear in a room with my cousin over a water tank. In these dreams I couldn't move, I couldn't look away and I couldn't close my eyes. My cousin who was the first victim, was screaming his head off. Begging to be let go. Against his pleads he was dropped into the water, and the tank was closed shut. After a few minutes and a lot of struggle, I saw my cousin drown . Then it faded to black and I appeared in a different room. This one had more of a basement fashion. In the middle was a table which had my best friend lying on it, her limbs tied to this table while she was pale as a ghost. The shadowy figure came up to her and started to skin her alive. Starting at her legs, and slowly made its way to her head. She was howling, and there was blood everywhere. Eventually her screams died off and so did she. These series of dreams went on for a while. The last night it happened, the figure whispered to me "Sacrifices must be made" And I woke up