Mall - Yard - Spiders

Date: 4/25/2017

By Kitsune

I was running around in my local mall. I saw a few girls from my class faking that they jumped off the higher part to scare people. After that I kept running and I got to a part where a party was going on. It was really crowded and for some reason I started grabbing some girls asses. Apparently they didn't mind. (I just wanna say that I'd never ever do this in real life. I'm shy as heck) Another dream that I had was that the father of a friend of mine was in our old backyard. He wanted to take some stuff from us like a hammer and a shovel. I said it was ok but my dad started to get really angry, because he thought the father of my friend was just going to take them and never use them. Also one that is really vague and lasted only a few seconds. I saw two spiders on my wall walking towards each other. They both got hold of each other and started contracting really hard. It wasn't playing and they were out to kill each other. I even saw a limb flying off somewhere, and when they were done, one fell down, and the other was still on the wall but he was missing a piece of his leg. By the way, notice how I'm suddenly remembering three dreams in one night. And as far as I know didn't wake up between them.