My mom really wanted to buy me Fallout 3

Date: 4/8/2019

By amandab8211

Had a dream that my mom and I went to Target and we were sitting on a bench talking and suddenly she was like “ok fine I’ll tell you the reason we’re really here” I was like what? She says “fallout 3. I know how much you’ve been wanting it so I wanted to surprise you... we’re buying it” I didn’t really want it and couldn’t remember mentioning it but I was like “uhh.... okay?? Cool??? Well it probably won’t be too expensive since it’s been out for a while” We couldn’t find it in the store, only other versions of Fallout. Then my mom said “okay we’re not going to give up. Let’s try the Walmart, it’s really close” Don’t remember much else but really not sure why my mom thought I wanted it so bad, I really don’t care