Homecoming or Prom

Date: 1/20/2017

By DesertDream

I'm had this dream about ⤴and it was with my friends at target and we were trying to help each other out by asking the guys we want to go to Homecoming or Prom with out I was to scared to ask for myself so we all did each other but before that we were walking down the Isles and saw throwback toys from when we were little the ones you always wanted but didn't get so we all grabbed them and started talking about when we were little and the guys we liked were doing the same thing (little did we know) but when we all walked out the isles and saw each we ditched them and acted like nothing happened except for me and the guy my friend likes (He looked kinda Like Alessia Cara's brother Dario) we each saw each other's and hide them behind our backs but "air whispered " that you're secret is safe with me so then i said hey do you want to go (to Homecoming /Prom) with my friend and he said yes I said meet me by the cash registers so we went there he said "I can't believe she wants to go with me thank you so much" I said "You're welcome" and he said it can help you out too if said thanks then he asked me who is it I wanted to go with and i kinda blushingly said Michael and he said ok I'll put in a good word for you and then he said now help me sneak this out (he said holding the toy still) so we went to the cashier and got it is was still kinda holding a light blue little dress that I used to really want and he said I'll buy it for you and it said you don't have to and he said you asked Nicole for me and helped me sneak this action figure it have to so he brought the stuff and said now don't tell anyone about the stuff in said deal and wrapped our pinky's around each other's and then realized that we both only had money in change so it said to the lady well be right back so it said we should go to customer service and get bills instead he said it won't matter then we started to argue then someone walked behind us and it was his cousin (that looked exactly like Jaden Smith) so he ran and pretended that he was never there is turned around and didn't see anything so it went to customer service and saw him so I said now you want the bills he said whatever let's go and nobody was in line so we just walked through them and it heard someone say "Mandie?" and I turned around and saw Mother Barnett and Cousin Bett worked there then when it turned around (just like me to be clumsy)I got tangled in the (wires, ribbons whatever you call those things in line ) and fell on the floor so Kevin (if I didn't mention his name) helped me up and said you know them in said yeah there relatives and hugged them and introduced Kevin and Cousin Bett said is he you're boyfriend and I said ew no he likes my friend they said oh then when finished our transaction and left to our friends so and split the money (forgetting to buy the toys) and it was telling her that Kevin said yes and then (strangely enough and also he was principal Larry Tate from Wizards of Waverly Place )my principal calls my phone and then said he wanted to talk to me and it realized that he was three isles down so it walked over and said Um you wanted to speak with me he hung up and said yes about the exchange student program and I said what about it he said Alex (apparently my "school" name) I don't want you messing this up its going very well and- I cut him off saying I'm not going to I actually like this program (waving to Michael did I mention that Michael is Australian) he waved back he said you do ? and right when I was about to answer Kevin walks over dressed like some generic French guy and starts saying things that didn't make sense and then strangely I was acting really weird to and started talking like a French person and dressed like it too and he set off a puppy stink bomb and told me to run it said why he said it's gonna blow so I was dropping some of my costume running then it turned into Wal-Mart we ran past the clothes so we could go unnoticed he got his stuff then I ran to get mine so he waited and said I'll be right back so I was looking for something I liked he heard the principal looking for us so I started speeding up my looking he grab a purple and pink Flannel and black skinny jeans and ran to the dressing room and I heard someone following me so I closed the door fast but forgot to lock it he it was just Kevin he put a baby over the door and I was confused so he just walked in and said this is my cousin can he stay with you first like five minutes putting him down I said ok and then started to change my jeans (I already had the shirt on) without noticing that he was still there is heard someone say oh no then I looked up and saw Kevin was still there so i stopped before i could pull my jeans down and said I forgot you were here sorry and he said I'm gonna go and ran out I could tell we were both embarrassed then five minutes later he came back I had my stuff on (I also had black converse on) he brought a bowl of Buffalo chicken ,rice and broccoli for his cousin and he didn't want it so I said do you mind if I have some i didn't exactly get to eat at all he said I thought you were a vegetarian I said I am I just like buffalo rice and broccoli so I started to eat and his aunt and uncle were sitting outside the door and I heard some guy say can we switch dates and then his aunt and uncle said is that you're girlfriend he said no I like someone else she's just a friend and then I grabbed his cousin and walked out the dressing room and we were at a football game and we sat down and then we heard someone had an announcement so they grabbed a microphone and said were engaged and when I turned around it was Nicole and someone else and she said I'm sorry Kevin but I said yes he said it's OK I said yeah I love you guys so much I hate you then we all started to cry AND THEN MY ANOYING LITTLE BROTHER WOKE ME UP