Date: 2/2/2019

By richellebucks

The dream started with me and my sister being in our house. It was a boring day. We had a dog. Our dog was around 6 months years old. When our mom came in and brought us food, we gave some to the dog. The dog was really happy and then I realized that we haven’t feed the dog all day. That also made me realize that we have never potty trained the dog, or walked it. We only fed him. He was like a pet fish. That’s when I told my mom and she said tomorrow we’ll start taking care of him. The dog heard it and I guess he confused it as my mom leaving tomorrow and he started throwing a temper tantrum. My mom then asked me why don’t I get out the house, and I told her I’m going downtown to go to the movies with my friends. This is weird because I’m real life, I’m actually going to the movies with my friends tomorrow. Then the dream ended. (I don’t have a dog).