Mermaid finally!!!!! an actually good mermaid dream

Date: 2/22/2017

By Charlieebluesphinx28

I woke up in a bed with silk but it was a different kind of silk, like a Sea type of silk. I look around my room and I see a mirror with some make up stuff on it than I look around my room I see a dresser and other things a desk cockerel with papers of some kind. I swim out of my bed and make my bed again and I look at the mirror my brown hair is flowing over my shoulders but it's being moved by the ocean waves. I brush my hair and I take off my dress, And I brush on some course sand like a shower but it is with sand. I put on a new dress that is the color of ocean but lighter color like color between aquamarine and sky blue. I'm fixing my hair half up and half down "Breanna come on" my mother says "it's time for you to meet your soon to be husband" I look up at the mirror as blushing my hair " my new what now?" "Breanna you should have known you were getting married to the prince from the other country as well" I nod "I understand mother" I follow my mother out of my room when I see my pet a baby sea turtle 🐢 named Aqua I follow my mom into the big room, where it is full of people with merman looking handsome and mermaids wearing beautiful dresses that flow where ever they swim and as soon as see my mother and me they bow and I just nod don't know what am supposed to say or do still new to this. Than when we get front of the room where our thrones are I see my soon to be husband Ana he looks at me. His tail is a dark dark blue almost black, he as well toned body than as I look up to his face his eyes are a beautiful shade of green And his hair is a dark brown with a hint of light in it. "Breanna your so beautiful" "awe thank you" I blush " your very handsome" he smiles.he pulls me in for a hug and holds me close than he whispers in my ear. I smile. Than I woke up