Peach slaughter, stairway to heaven-stairway to death

Date: 6/10/2017

By TheNagual

A vague dream scene of me shooting or slaughtering a peach? Juicy insides Me and Stephen got done seeing a movie, we both see Maddie with someone new. I take the red Honda Odyssey? Somewhere out and beyond where the forest was met, was that crazy girl who I thought was maddie. After being in a grocery store I try calling her. I almost stole a drink but was blocked by women. Upstairs was an art gallery, old memories in each doorway. One room had every Pokémon card ever. I got texts from her, my phone blew up and was at 1%. I travel to the forest area and find a clan of people. I turn into a monster and start fighting then. I didn't actually kill them, it was whoever won in combat would go on to the next fighter and the one who lost was forbidden from the forest. I end up taking on several at once, slapping and intimidating all of them. Then, everyone's attention turns toward the northern mountain that had a stairway and a light up cave at the end. The losers were not forbidden as I thought, but had to ride there vehicle up the stairway mountain and out through the cave opening. No one knew what was through the opening. To go south was to go back to the city, which felt depressing. I attempt to understand what lies past the cave opening. I feel as though what lies through the hole was a cliff, and the people fell to their death and are forever set free from this place into heaven. As for me, if I were to fight and best everyone in combat, then I would be stuck with no better combatant to face and be alone and stuck in this eternal forbidden forest.