Dream Entrt no. 3

Date: 9/15/2019

By Loretta

Was at a top of a hill. Cool breeze gushing through the trees around us. I can hear the laughter and clicking and clashing of the forks and spoons on plates again. This time I looked around and it seems like I'm on a wedding celebration. I think I looked at my dress. I'm guessing chiffon. Lots of layers but it's just up to my knees. My feet, bare. I was wearing a thick black sweater on. I can see nipa huts with people eating and chatting with fancy clothes on. I closed my eyes. I heard two claps made just to get my attention. I opened my eyes and saw a woman "come on, now" she said pulling me towards tons of people lined up. Girls are wearing the same dress as I was. The woman put me in the line and I think we're about to dance. Music I've never heard before started playing smoothly. I looked to my right. I observed these people dance and as I was getting ready to lift my feet to follow their rhythm, someone pulled me out of the line. "Screw that. We're not dancing." She said. But you see I love dancing for fun. Was kind of excited to dance. She led me a little bit down the hill. I don't remember feeling the grass on my feet as we ran. She let go of my hand and walked fast to a hut with her twin(?) I looked at her, observed her I mean. When I had the chance, I walked up the hill intending to dance again. This girl pulled me again. Why was this girl so persistent? "I got a 75. That's not even half of it." I knew what she was talking about. It's grades. She's studying? Studying what? Cling! Clang! I heard the sound of metal echoing as something hit it. It's her feet, she has shoes on. Cling! Cling! Clang! She's walking up a set of stairs. As she achieved the top, she motioned for me to follow her. I did. She got in first closing the door behind her. There was no sound as I go upstairs as I was careful. The metal stairs were warm.** The door, heavy metal as if it's a secret and only privileged people knows about it. Only way to find out. I pushed the door open. Metal everywhere. It seems like a balcony. A woman and a man was present wearing suit and tie and glasses. I looked down and people? Maybe. Didn't pay attention because this girl that I followed opened a smaller metal door that made a white noise I couldn't bare from the inside. "Come on" she said. I followed her and more stairs. Only this time we're going down. Is that train I'm hearing? Are we escaping from here? "Excuse me ma'am?" An official voice sounding from upstairs. I looked up and it's the woman. "I'm afraid I can't let you in with that shoes" she said. What shoes? I was suddenly on that hill again. No one was looking for me. I was facing this beautiful scene. Mountains at a great distance the sky so clear and blue. I turned around and walked to me right. I was climbing up this grassy beautiful hill I should feel happy but I was exhausted. I sat down this couch. Then I saw people higher this hill only, they're sitting on beautiful chairs, fancy table in front of them. Old couple sat in front and younger young adults late 20's maybe sat to the side of the room. A ROOM? (Signal that it was a dream) I walked up anyway. Went to my left again. I looked at this beautiful woman dressed in white only sorrow was painted on her face. Thr guy beside her was comforting her. The person, a guy maybe an older brother to the one with the girl was closest to me. I suddenly knew what was going on without them saying a word. This girl fell in love with the guy comforting her. They were both in love but the bride was supposed to marry the older brother. I came close to this older brother and pat his back. He looked at me with tears. I hugged him. He's still sitting on his red chair. Shhhh, rubbing his chest, tears kept on flowing down like a stream that can't be stopped. He's rocking his body, arms tight on me. I kissed him on the lips and he reciprocated. Tongue inside my mouth. Moans coming out of his. His lips and tongue are warm, so warm it's good.