the bad boy

Date: 6/2/2017

By stargirlxo

I have never seen or dreamed of this guy before. He was beautiful , he had those dreamy eyes that could get you weak. He had this look of a 'bad boy' which made him more irresistible. He would stare at you and you felt as if he were looking inside your soul. It's kind of creepy to think about , yet you wish he didn't stop staring. But before he came into my dream this happened: a man was murdered inside my house. I remember being in my room , when all of a sudden I heard my dog bark loudly . Then suddenly let out a huge cry. I wondered and looked at what was going on outside my room . As I slowly got out , I saw a man. A man covered in blood with a knife on his hand. He was about to go to my siblings room , I screamed in order to stop him from going . He then turned around and stared at me . I thought I was going to die there , when all of a sudden I heard a gunshot . Somebody from the back door had shot the man with the knife. I turn around and see that guy, as soon I saw him I felt weak. He looked soo beautiful but dangerous , my type. He asked if I was okay and if my family was as well. I told him me & my siblings were because my parents were out of town. He then left and didn't see him for 2 weeks. A lot of gunshots were heard on my block and the guy came to my house , asking if he could stay with me to protect us . I agreed without hesitation. We stayed in my room , watching movies and eventually napping. We would talk , flirt and even cuddle . But it wasn't till one day were he decided to make his move . He said " I find you attractive , hella attractive . I feel like you're the one for me " . I was shocked because I wasn't even good looking and I said ' really? I think the same about you. You're soo bad and it turns me on". As soon as I said that he bit his lip while staring at my breasts. "Have you.. done it before?". I answered and said "no.. I haven't found the right one yet". And then he said " maybe he's sitting in front of you right now". As soon as he said that I leaned in and kissed him. I sat on top of him , making out with him and getting turned on. He removed my shirt , then my bra and started touching me. That touching later turned into soft bites. I couldn't help but moan at how good he was with this. He unzipped my shorts and put his fingers in me . God , he had me soo weak . He then removed him clothes and put me on the bed . He gave me head and so did I . His moans got me even more tuned on , he was soo hot. Before he put himself in me he said " I haven't done this before either , I'll make sure you'll enjoy it tho". We had sex for about 4 hours and I was getting weaker as time passed by. We woke up next to eachother , and he kissed me saying " you're the best". I turned at him and smiled . He quickly stood up and said "come , I wanna teach you something" . I followed him to the room were he had put his bag of clothes , inside he also appeared to have weapons . He handed me a gun and said " I'll teach you how to use it, you need to protect yourself and your family ". I agreed and within weeks , I could easily make headshots . He told me to go w him to do a drop off . I went but the people seemed weird . He met with a guy called tony and said ' I need my money now ' . I was confused but followed along to their conversation . " you didn't do your job , you didn't do what I asked" and the guy said " I did , I killed him before he got her " he said this while looking at me . I was confused at what was happening . Tony stared at me and said " why didn't you kill her too? You know we don't want witness . Are you using her for your pleasure like the last one?" . Last one ? I decided then to leave and forget about the guy. I felt used and confused . But as I was leaving I heard a gunshot , I was scared but decided to see what happened . He had killed tony . Why? I don't know . But his gang was coming for the guy , and he screamed at me ' help me kill them so I can grab my money' . I knew I was doing the wrong thing , but I did it anyways ... for him. He managed to get his money and we drove off . He said " I never had sex with anyone , trust me . The last girl I talked to was younger than you , I was soo close to her because she reminded me of my little sister" I said " oh... ". He then said " forget about what he said , I love you. Only you. Trust me " and I did decide to trust him . So I looked at him and said ' I love you too' . He had this thing about bitting his lip , that he did it as soon as I said that. He then got one hand off the steering wheel and grabbed my knee, then slowly moving it up. He parked in this lonely place and said " promise me you'll never leave me" I said " I promise". He smiled and kissed me. But that kissing later turned into sex. We had car sex for about 5 hours , we was just soo good at what he was doing . I loved the thrill and the way he made me feel , we later drove back to my house holding hands all the way till we got there . This is were I woke up from my dream and wished to find this guy or a guy like this for me.