Date: 1/30/2017

By SillySally

It was just another day at my Grandpa's. However, I've been experiencing strange events. Really strange. The lights went on and off, I heard voices and knocks, I saw people behind the window just staring at me, stuff like that. There was a family meeting so everyone had a good time. When I sat in the kitchen, I suddenly saw myself opening the fridge... I was in shock. It looked at me with scary white eyes, and it floated towards me without a single move. I became scared and quickly closed my eyes. Nothing happened... and it was suddenly gone. For a second, I thought that I was going mad. But deep down I knew that I was being haunted. The events became worse and I was losing my mind. No one would believe me that I've just witnessed a ghost. Everything went downhill since that. The ghost started haunting my grandfather as well. We were both seeing things that we shouldn't have. Oh, and my cousin Sedat was there too, completely unharmed by anything. Anyway, I became angry that the ghost saddened my grandpa, so I decided to take action. First, I calmed my grandpa down, saying:"I see it too, but remember, they're not real!" or "When someone's just floating towards you, close your eyes. Trust me, nothing will happen!" It seemed to be working half, but it was good enough. I brought him to the diner table and sat there for a moment, and then.... it was time to take action. I went to the kitchen once again. Somehow with only my underwear. The lights were on. I challenged the ghost to come and scare me again. The lights suddenly went off, and there it was. Floating, it took the body of a young boy and it was looking at me with dead, pupilless eyes. It was horrific. The ghost skipped the kitchen and went straight for my grandpa. I was afraid that he'd get a heart attack. I tried to yell, but nothing came out of my mouth. (This time, I was sleep talking irl). I rushed to the diner table, and my whole family was laughing at me. Why? because I was somehow still in my underwear. I quickly grabbed my clothes. How embarrassing. I comforted my grandpa once more, because it helped me as well. This time, I sat on the chair at the diner table and challenged the ghost yet again. The front door was open. I saw the ghost yet again. It floated closer, and closer. It was so close that I could touch him, which is what I did. I tried to touch the ghost, but I couldn't. My hand and fingers were going through his head and body. I told my grandpa to try it out as well. It appeared the ghost was completely harmless. Of course, in my family's perspective, it looked like we were waving in the air like madmen, since they couldn't see the ghost. I laughed it off and woke up. And my conclusion: GHOSTS ARE STUPID.