Sleep Paralysis Demons

Date: 8/22/2017

By toxxicduck

I had a fit of sleep paralysis. It happens often and when it does my eyes are always open and I can see my bedroom, but I'm still dreaming so I hallucinate stuff, and its always something terrifying. I entered sleep paralysis and was being attacked by something in my bed. It was human shaped but was small and bony. I couldn't make out its details in the dark. It was sitting on me and choking me. I panicked. I tried to fight back but I couldn't move. I screamed for help and I heard it very clear loud despite being choked (I later asked if anyone heard me talking in my sleep, but no one heard anything). As I fought and screamed, my dad came into the room, snuck up behind the creature, and then sliced its head off with what looked like a giant meat cleaver. Then I "woke up" but was actually still dreaming. I was no longer under sleep paralysis, but the dream was still very vivid and real feeling, like the hallucinations do in sleep paralysis. I was outside our old house on Harold Street, standing in the driveway. The sun was super bright and everything looked extra colorful. I tried walking across the driveway to go into the house, but it was like moving through molasses (still thinking I was paralyzed maybe?). I still felt panicky and terrified about being attacked by that creature. I was moving so slow that I just gave up trying to go inside and looked around. The garage door was open and I immediately felt a presence within. The garage was total blackness. I could barely make out the shapes of boxes and stuff inside as if it was pitch black and my eyes were barely adjusted. Then I saw it. There was a black shape half hidden behind the kickboxing bag we used to keep in there. The presence was muscular, but not that tall, and was maybe hunched over. It had small triangular horns on its head. It's eyes glowed bright purple and it was staring right at me. I could only make out its silhouette. I became furious at the demon being there, invading my home. The anger seems to sudden and extreme now that I am awake and thinking about it. I began to move toward the demon, intending to beat the shit out of it. I was still moving molasses slow, and as I moved toward it in slow motion I screamed insults at the demon, daring it to come out and fight me. It just stayed there, staring at me. I tried to use spiritual energy to force the demon to come out, but it didn't work. Right as I was about to reach the edge of blackness in the garage, I woke up for real. I woke up feeling terrified and panicky all over again, relieved it was just a dream and instinctually angry at myself for going into the darkness where the demon WANTED me to go. I don't know if it was a real demon or not, but my instincts surely believed it. This is the first time I've had sleep paralysis since moving away from that old house where they happened ALL THE TIME and always involved demons so idfk, maybe that house is haunted or some shit and the demons called me back to it...