Tremblant Victor Encounter

Date: 4/22/2020

By camcgregor

My friend Morgan and I decided to go on a trip to Tremblant because my friend victor invited us to come stay at his house there. But I am no longer friends with him and I didn’t really want to see him. We were using Morgan’s car that she got from home what was a minivan kinda thing. We got to Tremblant but then I realized I didn’t want to see him so I asked Morgan if she wanted to just go back to Ottawa but she said it would take way too long to get back. It was also getting kind of late. I told Morgan I really didn’t want to see him or his parents because I wasn’t sure how they we were going to react seeing me because of how victor and I ended things. Eventually victor found us some how and so I introduced them. I thought to myself I wanted to go to that one restaurant victor and I always use to go to. It was this French restaurant that had a really good French onion soup. I think we were talking for a bit but then I woke up.