the shire village

Date: 2/24/2017

By Josh_Harley

*this whole dream took place outside of a very Irish looking village(like the hobbit) Me and the Sunday school kids were outside swatting bees than the bees turned into giant bees and we were running away from them for a while than it stopped raining and than I went inside my high school common room and smoked a joint with Amos, devion, Austin and them. I didn't get high though. We were trying to hide it from the teachers. I became lucid and saw cj irons and he was having trouble trying to make a girl fall in love for him. So we asked this guy in the lunch room and he said "go outside and draw it in the snow" so we went outside and it was done raining and I thought there wouldn't be any snow. But there was a little. So I drew it out and I was going to go try but than I saw a girl I know walk out of the school and she looked sad so I thought if I'm really lucid I can just start kissing her. So I did and while I was kissing her I started to wake up so I stopped and focused on the dream and I stayed in it! I asked her if she wanted to go to the moon with me, because now I had the most confidence ever, and she said yeah so we walked over to a field and I picked her up and jumped and got a weird sensation in my belly but we were flying and it was amazing, I could see the downtown city on one side and this shire village on the other. We barely reached the clouds before I lost focus and teleported to the inside of a house. Everything was super shaky I was dizzy, so I take deep breaths and it's all back to normal. This house actually creeps me out a bit so I walk up the stairs to get out and when I get out I see Frank Ghallager and we walk into the light and I wake up!