My friend got mad at me cause I didn’t tell her that Tony Stark wanted to meet her.

Date: 8/9/2019

By SweetDreams77

My mom called me and told me to tell my Melanie that Robert Downey Jr. wanted to meet her, but I forgot to tell her. Then the day that Melanie was supposed to meet him, somehow she found out about it and she showed up and I was like, “omg, I forgot to tell her!” And then I tripped and fell on the ground and she was standing, looking down at me saying awful things to me like, “ur a bad friend” and “ur so selfish.” And then I tried to wake up but I couldn’t and all I could see was her face looking down at me, except it was all distorted and dark. I kept trying to wake up, but it felt like she was pulling me back and screaming at me. Then I tried to scream to anyone who could hear me in the real world. After a couple minutes of this, I pushed myself into a sitting position but I could still feel something trying to pull my eyelids closed.