hell and being attacked?

Date: 7/31/2017

By chilipeppa

I First dreamt that Keyana asked me to water her and her families plants while she is away in Iran so I went over to her house and she had huge bunches of sunflower stalks taller than me and flowers. So I started planting all of them on some big dirt rug in some space i think because you can't water plants that aren't even planted?? lmao Next thing I know, I was in some sort of underground chamber. It could have been hell I don't know. But I was in this really dark candlelit stone room, that had a big game board on the floor, but the game was some evil hell game?? Each space you moved in the game there was like a tombstone. It was creepy af but I don't remember being scared I was honestly just really horny it was weird. Next thing I know my mom and I are in the grocery store shopping and we kept passing this black guy wearing a green hoodie and glasses and using crutches. I only noticed because he was really hot. But then when we were finally done shopping we were heading to the registers and the guy started running super fast towards me out of nowhere which was weird because he was wearing crutches before and all of a sudden he turns into a gross white guy? He barrels into me and then sprawls me on the ground and lays on top of me and i was freaking out and my mom came out of on the aisles and starts screaming at him to get off me