Bag immigration issues.

Date: 8/26/2019

By petal

Something about Asian/Indian men being persecuted by a white policing force, but it was kind of mixed up with my work stuff and home/family. The environment was urban and oddly retro. I was late for work and needed to pick up a person for 1to1 hours from works address, but my parents were out shopping and wanted my help. They were concerned about shopping bags in M&S food hall. They hadn’t brought enough fabric ones from home. They wanted me to carry food in Primark paper ones but were filling them up too much with stuff so they were bound to break . I also put a crescent shaped leather handbag in the Primark bag. Irl I had been looking at a luxury bag online liked it but decided it was too expensive, a waste of earth resources and impractical. (No one on the planet, really needs that bag) In the dream, though, I just bought it like it was an after thought of food shopping and stuffed it in the Primark carrier, even though I knew the carrier was going to fall apart. Meanwhile I saw an Asian man and for a few moments I was that man. In his thoughts I knew he was scared. That he held beliefs that were not useful to the ruling classes. He’s beliefs were humble and anti materialistic. He thought people did better when they were given food (or a full belly) and no over-heavy governance. (I’ve been reading the Web that has no Weaver, about Chinese Traditional Medicine. There is a lot written about the differences of belief between cultures. The rest of this dream stuff I think I’m getting from tv). Anyways, I pop back into myself and I feel sympathy and worried for the man. I hope he evades the immigration officials who are looking for him. He has the right papers but I think those who make and enforce “the rules” want him out. I watch him enter a retro looking bistro with old fashion gilded advertising on its semi-frosted shopfront windows. Three police officials walk in after him, lead by a female with a very severe blond updo. I find myself standing on the shopping estate pavement, back to dealing with my folks and their bag issues. I tell them I’m got to be going to work. I’m late and I told them hours ago where I needed to be. My Mum says if I can help them get home, I can get ready and go. I just say fine, cause I know it pointless to argue. They will just get into a bigger mess. The police shut the door of the bistro. I can hear a violent assault going on inside. Their are lots of Asian/ Indian men in there hiding out. It’s their comfort place to hang out, eat nice food and have pure conversations. I know they are taking a trashing but I don’t know how to stop it. I take my folks home but it isn’t our house. It’s some weird retro style grand town house with a parquet hall. I’m wanting to get ready for work but Mum’s using the only bathroom to shower. I’m getting mad. My boss arrives with the client and say’s. I was late so she thought she would drop her off for me. It totally wrong to take clients home, so I wonder what’s she’s up to. She is asking questions about the man as if he is my boyfriend. I think she wants to look around the house and generally stick her nose in my business. Not unkindly, but I don’t want her noising around to find my disorganised home life. She’s already noted the collapsed shopping bags dumped in the hall. I hear a professional Asian female voice clearly say my name in my ear as if to give me a wake up call and I wake from the dream.