The Fog (1)

Date: 5/24/2019

By Stiyona

I looked around, and I saw endless green fields... Rolling white clouds that casted shadows from above just enough for the Azure summer sky to peak through. I turned and I saw a group of what looked like tents in the otherwise empty prairies. I walked closer, and over the tents I peered to a small colony of Humans, dressed in casual but fine clothes, picnic blankets spread across the soft green blades, Children played with each other and darted between the tents, what I saw now to be made of metal - Small domes in the dirt, with windows of glass on the sides as well. I enjoyed the sight of community, of happiness. The day was gorgeous and the sounds of laughter echoed across the hills. I walked to the other side of the tents, watching the cloudy day roll by. Across a nearby hill, I saw a fog bank rolling in. That's not unnatural I thought, but this one rolled straight torwards us, torwards me, as if with a purpose. I walked forward, watching cautiously as it grew closer, larger. In the fog, I started to see shadows, running in and out of the fog... People... Silhouettes... They ran - sprinted - with mad dedication. Hunger... I turned, someone was near me, they saw it too. "Run, tell the others!" I said, "EVERYONE GET INSIDE!" Panic, hesitation, chaos. Humans ran, scrambled to find their children, to grab their belongings, to collect their family and rush into a dome before the ensuing fog swallowed them whole. I ran to an open dome, I didn't know whose it was. As I ran through I grabbed someone nearby, I didn't know who they were either, and slung them into the dome behind me as the door slammed, right as the fog encompassed us. I scrambled to the window and looked out, my heart was thumping. I was still alive and they didn't seem to know I was here. But outside... I saw shadows of people, of those... Things. I saw the silhouettes of Humans, some running in panic and desperation, others chasing them down, screaming, growling and ripping at them... And then I woke up.