Cat holiday with plants

Date: 3/27/2017

By mysticmusic94

So last night I dreamt that there was this holiday where cats grow plants. I walked outside and in my neighbors car was a cat growing plants under ice and snow igloo thingys and we weren't sure which ones were going to grow plants. As this cat and I were trying to see which ones grew we saw that a corn plant grew. Btw the cat didn't look like a cat but I knew it was. We took the plant and before the cat did anything with it I took some of the corn. I then brought it to my cat which for some reason was at the end of my street and fed it to him out of my hands. He liked it and stuff and then the dream ended after he meowed and stuff. The whole dream had this creepy vibe to it but my cat was so cute so whatever. Pretty weird dream haha!