Billy Joel Fanatics

Date: 3/25/2017

By caitlynm14117

I was at this store and the girl behind the counter and I were talking about records. She pulls out 2 albums and 2 singles from behind the counter and told me that she had just gotten them. I remember one of them being Storm Front, and I was like "I have those! You like Billy Joel too?" and she was like "Yeah!" Then I bought like a crap ton of ice cream and cake from her. After that, I had to ride a bus home, and the cashier girl was sitting across the isle from me. We started talking about Billy Joel albums again, and I was saying how my copy of Turnstiles skips 3 times on "Say Goodbye to Hollywood" and how my copy of Storm Front skips like 6 times on "That's Not Her Style". Then "I've Loved These Days" started playing on the radio, and I told the lady that was a song from Turnstiles. Then I woke up. ************************************** Just to clarify: any album or song listed in this dream is by Billy Joel.