the magic battle

Date: 1/28/2017

By Tjika

I was having a secret swimparty in some old boathouse with my teammates and a few other teams. We were teams of people who had magic and that was forbidden, which is why it was a secret party. We had all gotten there by submarine, but I never got to see the submarine itself, because the government stole it while we were having the party. The government was looking for us and wanted to take us into custody, because they thought we were dangerous. Before they came in I already knew they had stolen my sub. I didn't appreciate that actually. Then they shot at us with miniature cannonballs. These didn't really hurt, but did seem dangerous for some reason. Therefore I went underwater (I could breathe underwater so that was fine) and swam to our secret room, because I knew they'd be looking for me more than my teammates, since I was the leader of the team. Indeed the government people came looking for me abd left the team alone. Hiding in the secret room hadn't helped. When they took me and walked past my teammates and some other mages they all attacked the government people and we escaped. Right after that we started our traditional game of mages. In this game each team started at a specific point and then moved around to find each other. When running into another team we'd fight each other. The teamcaptains could chose to watch or join, that was their own choice. I did fight, because I liked it. Teamcaptains were supposed to coach their team no matter what they chose. We ran into the first group very quickly. We were on a hill and they came on a boat on the river. Their leader was an older man and he chose to stay on the boat. I did fight. I flew around and so did a few others. I kept fighting my opponents while giving instructions to my team. I do not remember specifics, but I do remember I really liked it. We easily beat then, but everyone was still excited afterwards. This wad just a fun way to learn fir all of us. We said our goodbyes and moved on to find the next group. The dream ended before we net another group though.