Blowing up my grandmas couch

Date: 7/12/2017

By TwentieToo

I was at my grandmas house, and I was a younger version of myself. A lot of my family was there. Downstairs, in my room, there was a swimming pool/trampoline. Me and this girl accidentally flooded it, and we were scared we were gonna get in trouble so we ran away. We went down this dirt road, that was actually quite pretty. There were farm fields on either side and wild flowers here and there. Then we came across this shelf. We climbed in it and hid. One of my old friends, Ashley, was in there. She was a younger version of herself as well. She kept being really mean to the other girl that was with me. The girl started to get upset. Then this guy with a blond afro and sunglasses came and guarded us. The police came and so did my mom. My mom made fun of the afro guard guy. Then we went back to the house. Then downstairs, there was this guy, who I saw at a lake yesterday, was attaching a bomb to my grandma's couch. I don't think he was trying to blow anything up, I can't remember why he did that. But I guess it backfired, and the bomb blew up and there was a giant hole in the couch and the wall behind it. Then I ran into the foyer and hid behind a hutch type thing. My grandma found me and sat down in front of me, I think she was going to talk to me about something, but my other family members kept interrupting her.