A show with EXO

Date: 4/7/2019

By AzaleahRiddle

I've dreamt that I am friends with some EXO members. I really can't remember how but I was in the car with Xiumin and Chanyeol. Instagram gave Xiumin some gifts and Xiumin was like 'Woah?! Really?'. I don't know if it's for appreciation or because it his birthday but yeah you get the idea. So the gifts are consist of some mobile accessories but I can't exactly recall what are they. One gift that stand out the most is a mini electric fan. It was color red and gold and has two connected fan. I was playing it with Chanyeol since Xiumin is driving the car which is weird since the time that Xiumin recieve the gift he was seating at the backseat and Chanyeol was driving the car. Anyways, I was playing with it since it has some switch and button in which now that I am awake the function of it seems so similar with each other. Then Chanyeol realized that it has some switches. He thought that I am only turning it on and off. So he was like 'There are swithces? Let me try!' When I looked at the window I realize that we are at our destintation: S.M. (The supermarket one not the entertainment). And when I look at the front I saw again that it's Chanyeol who is driving and readying to park (no pun intended). When I got down from the car I saw my teacher Ma'am Alawi that inside my dream I saw her as I guide or one of the PDs and it seems natural to me during the dreams. She is talking to this another person that has the same built as her and I know that she is a teacher but I didn't even questioned why are they there. There is this some kind of flashback but I can't recall the exact scene. Basically, the flashback is about the other team meeting her. So we walk and as I turn around the corner I saw some of the group there, one of which is Baekhyun. Then Yixing walk in and 'I was like is that really him?' And someone answered 'Yes, it's him'. Then I came over to him which now is talking over with a girl. So as I came upon him I punched his arm like the one you give when two male here in the philippines meet again and then said the 'Yixing! I really miss you!' It was akward at first but the moment that I said those words it was like something click. At that time I realize that I am still holding the fan. And I ask them, 'They don't allow this inside do they?' and one of the crew/PD (or is it Baekhyun?) said 'No, they don't' . So I am lazy to go back to the car so I waited for someone who is with me. Sehun came and I almost go over to him when I realize that nope, he's not with us. Then I realize that the fan is long and I need to deassemble it which is another wierd since when I first gathered it from the box it is short. Now that I am awake I realize that the handle became white and plastic instead of metal (Another weird thing) like a plastic hulahoop. After I deassemble it, Chanyeol came and I go over to him and said if he could bring it back to the car. Suddenly I am talking to Yixing saying sorry in Japanese: Gomena, and bowing my upper part of the body to him while handing over the fan. Suddenly Baekhyun crack a joke (I can't remember the exact wording but here is the gist.) 'Woah! There are six members here, one is a girl, and you spoke in four different languages.' I saw Yixing stifling his giggles even though he's back is turned to me so I poke him at the side which made him flinch. When I was about to turn, I heard someone saying that the joke is not aimed at me but to the business/important person that Baekhyun is speaking to. I saw him and his built is like Sooman's or any middle age businessman. And that's the end.