Dismembered Animals

Date: 8/5/2017

By emilyassoulin

I am in a room with another person. Come see what i have, i tell them. We walk towards some chicken eggs that are sitting in a basket. One of the eggs starts to hatch. Look! I say. One of my eggs is hatching! There are now 3 chickens walking in front of me. I pick one up and grab its leg. I brace myself and pull really hard ripping the chicken leg off. All im thinking at this moment is that i have to remove the legs from the chickens so that they can fly, which doesn't make any sense. I grab onto the other leg and pull hard, flinging the leg across the floor. I am now on a farm in a barn. I see a goat. I have to take care of this goat. I feed him some milk from a bottle so he doesn't starve. I know that i have to take the goat some where i just don't know where. I pick him up and start walking. A few moments later i look down and the goat has been cut in half. The back side has been cut off. I start to lift the severed end of the goat into my mouth and bite. The goat body turns into a gummy like consistency, like gummy bears. I look back down and the goat is real again.