group home

Date: 1/28/2017

By bluetee

Amy and I were forced to move to a group home because of my bipolar. we had to sleep on bunk beds because two people weren't as looked to sleep in the same bed. this was a crazy eccentric old house with like 50 rooms. the nurse found out I took mess and told me she had to manage them. I got in a fight with her about it because what if it was an emergency and I didn't have my Valium. Amy got mad at her. there was a girl dressed like a jedi who talked weird. another girl would ask her stuff to get her to talk. there was art stacked against the wall everywhere. people got excited and started hanging it up. when they were done all the ugly ones were up but my artwork was gone. I got mad at Amy for losing my art. there was a new girl who looked like would and was upset they put all the woid statues in her room. she said noone would see her. I went to sleep and woke up (in my dream) late for taking my car to the shop. Amy refused to get up to drive me so I went to take her car to get my car to take it in. on the way out I found a phone and a wallet. I decided I would take my car in then find the owner. I accidently called Katie sue from my pocket. she started yelling at me for being more concerned about my car than someone's possessions. I couldn't figure out how to get the car out of reverse so I jumped the curb. I got to the end of the driveway and realized I needed to exercise so I started doing sprints down the country road. I was extra observant to make sure I was opposing traffic so I wouldn't get hit. a girl from the home in sweats ran by. then I woke up