Spencer From iCarly

Date: 6/11/2019

By leathecage

I was Spencer from iCarly, and I had a little sister that looked like Carly, like in the show, but she was actually Megan from Drake and Josh. She disliked me, which is normal for her character, but it was a bit different; instead of wanting to just play pranks on me and make my life miserable, she just wanted to kill me. Her motive for that was because I had super powers and that frightened her. It was unclear at this point of the dream what those powers were exactly, but Megan and her best friend, Chloe from Life Is Strange, were having a sleepover and both were plotting to kill me still. The dream took place in my real life house, and my irl brother's room was now Megan's. I peeked in through the door that was opened and I saw Chloe and Megan on the bed writing things on this big piece of paper— I assumed it was a plot to kill me. I told them that my powers weren't anything to be feared, and to stop their murder plans or something bad would happen. They ignored me, not trusting me at all. Then, we saw something fall from the sky out the window. We all went out to take a look, and the object appeared to be an old globe of the world, and it was emitting this holographic image of a bunch of technical jargin. The two girls were scared, and I knew the time had come to use my powers. I looked at them and said "Do you understand why I have these powers now? I told you it was meant to save the world" the girls finally gave in and I told them to go inside. I then walked to the otherside of my yard that now lead to a collesium, and a UFO began to touch ground right inside it.