Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Descending 100 flights, Natasha and Mark were given a map to navigate the maze-like stairs while eating a gluten-free snack for each step they descended together.

Descending 100 flights

Date: 4/12/2024

By Purple

In my dream, I was with Aash, and we both just finished eating a banana. The peel slipped out of my hand, and his must have as well. We watched it tumble down the stairs. But it kept going and going and going. I asked when will it stop? His reply was a weird one: it’s not. That didn’t make any sense. It turned out that we were about to walk down about 100 flights of steps. I then asked why don’t we take the elevator instead? I was told there wasn’t one. That didn’t make any sense either. It seemed chasing our banana peels was pointless. I then learned that we were given stalks of gluten free, spaghetti-like food substances and were to eat them each time we accompanied something. I think it was one per flight of steps we were to descend. The steps were like a maze and each flight filled us with new trivia to learn. It was interesting and the stalks of gluten free snacks were tasty. At one point, Aash called me “GF,” which was odd because that’s only what Al called me. The descending seemed to take a very long time. We were not alone. Some others were singing along the way. It seemed most people were in teams of 2. When we finally reached the bottom, we were congratulated. Aash then became Al in my dream and said, “Congratulations, GF. Oh, and by the way, those stalks were made from corn.” I replied, “Oh no! You mean to tell me I just consumed 100 of those snacks and they all had genetically modified corn? Oh, crap.” Then Al responded, “Don’t worry, it’s all organic,” and we read the labels to be on the safe side. However, I still was skeptical. As I examined some remaining stalks, left behind by quitters who didn’t or couldn’t finish the challenge, I saw that they all contained staples on them. I hoped I didn’t swallow any of those staples along the way. It didn’t seem to bother me as much as the possibility of being glistened, which is disturbing. Al and I left the challenge and the building. But not before he had to find out news for the day. He then learned that the latest corn stalk snack contained that information somehow. He was happy to hear that and had randomly just picked up the latest corn stalk snack that contained the day’s news. We walked away and the dream ended.

AI generated interpretation In your dream, descending 100 flights of steps symbolizes a challenging and lengthy journey or process that you are currently going through in your waking life. The banana peel slipping and tumbling down the stairs may represent unexpected setbacks or distractions that you and Aash are facing together. The fact that the banana peel keeps going and won't stop could indicate a feeling of being unable to control or halt certain circumstances in your life. The gluten-free, spaghetti-like snacks you were given may symbolize sustenance or support that you are relying on during this journey. Eating one per flight of steps could suggest that you are attempting to nourish yourself or find comfort in small rewards or rituals along the way. Aash calling you "GF," a term only used by Al in your dream, may reflect blending or confusion of relationships or identities in your waking life. This could indicate feelings of uncertainty or ambiguity in your interpersonal connections. The presence of singing and teamwork among others descending the steps may suggest a sense of camaraderie or unity in facing challenges with others around you. The discovery that the snacks were made from genetically modified corn and potentially containing staples could represent concerns about the quality or hidden aspects of what sustains you in your journey. Al transforming and providing you with information in the form of the latest corn stalk snack containing the day's news could symbolize a desire for awareness or insight in navigating this challenging process. Ultimately, leaving the challenge and walking away with Al may signify a sense of completion or closure in this particular phase of your journey. Overall, this dream may reflect feelings of being on a complex and arduous path towards a significant goal or objective in your waking life. It could also point to the importance of seeking support, staying nourished, and staying informed as you navigate through challenges and uncertainties.