Episode 61 - Spooky tricycle and football

Date: 7/5/2017

By Marvin10

First scene: I have just moved into this unit recently and it seems to be a middle unit of 3. I'm looking out one of the windows to the driveway when a kids tricycle just rolls down the driveway on its own. I think it's a bit weird but not too much. I look in the direction of where the bike came from and glimpse the front of a car I think but I pull away as if not wanting to be seen. Next thing a youngish woman walks past to the back unit. She is wearing tight clothes and has black hair but I don't see her face. Then a girl walks in the unit she is apparently going to be my flat mate. She seems very friendly and is talking to me about something. I am listening but I remember thinking that I don't understand what she is saying. She is speaking English it's just the words don't make sense. I start to show her around the unit and there is a cupboard that is full of rubbish. I remember saying that we had a bit of a party (a housewarming I guess) and that I had put a lot of the rubbish in there and I was going to clean it out later. She seemed a bit grossed out by that. (Fair enough I guess). We continue to move through the unit and we are still talking when she has to attend to something. I think she was on her phone. At that point I think that I decide that I am going to bed. Next scene: I am at Marist College and there is a football game on the front oval. I am cooking a BBQ for everyone there. There is the impression that I am going to play football in a later game. A kid comes up and starts loading a heap of salad on his plate. I think that he has taken too much as there won't be enough for everyone else and tell him he has taken too much. I remember that I won't eat until everyone else has eaten. I go off to do something but don't recall what and come back to see if I need to get ready to play football. Then the dream changes and I am in a car with some other people. We are going to another football game at a different ground but we go a long way around as there are trees next to the ground that is really picturesque that we want to go too.