Bike bus

Date: 6/30/2017

By littlecookies

It starts off with three friends we all have bikes and a bunch of cardboard. We color all the cardboard yellow then attach them to the bikes and zip tie the bikes together I dubbed it the bike bus. We ride it flinstone style to stater bros. all they have is just rows and rows of blue gator aid. Then an employee shows up he starts to viciously attack my friends leaving them dead among pools of blue gator aid. He drags them off into a ice room and puts them on big meat hooks like freshly slaughtered pigs. I run out and suddenly I'm in a red sports car my uncle is driving but he looks like he is 7 years old. The police are chasing us and I don't know why. My uncle is freaking out and I'm covered in blood and blue gator aid. We drive off a cliff into a lake as the water slowly starts engulfing the car I wake up. So far I have had this dream 3 times all separated be months at a time.