my friend had an abusive mom

Date: 2/24/2019

By em2002

feb 15, 2019: So i was in the black car in oshawa with my grandpa (i dont remember this part but i wrote a little note abt it so it mustve happened) and I made friends with this girl who lived right across the street from grandma & grandpa, she had two little sisters and they were all the sweetest they both loved me and so did their mom but one day when i was eating dinner with them the mom yelled at the two little sisters who were upstairs to “get the fuck downstairs you fucking dumbasses” and when she came back to the kitchen i went OFF on her and i was like “look youre a nice lady but that is no way in HELL to treat your children. youre their mother for christs sake” and she was like “dont worry theyre used to the swearing” and i was like “yeah well its different when their own mother swears at them do you know how much damage that does to them??” and i remember thinking ‘damn im proud of myself for standing up like i would have never been able to do that before’ and then the mom got so angry and started RAGING so she ordered me to leave her household and as i was leaving i could hear her raging at my friend and her sisters so as i was leaving i was like to my friend “you gonna be okay?” and she was like “yeah... um, could you please call 911” she told me about how her mom kicks her and her lil sister out of the house sometimes and theyre just left outside with nothing to do :( I think i had another dream that night where i threw this chuckee cheese party at my house with my coworkers? like it was for work? so i was catering to little children at my own house wtf and my oshawa friends were there that i didnt even know, humam and james and pretty sure rodrigo was there too, and there was this lady who brought her cat and claimed he could play hide and seek so a couple people hid and she told us to call his name and we did and he came and found us! he was a cutie pie <3 okay so then there was this girl who followed me when i went into the basement to change my shirt in the litter box room and then this guy came in and was like “stop having sex👀👀” and i was like we’re not wtf and she was like “haha lets make them think that they are” and at first i was like ahah heck yeah and then i think i got so uncomfortable that i woke up