the secret passage in the wall

Date: 2/5/2017

By Tjika

I was in my house and my dad was working on it. He was carying bricks around in a wheelbarrow through the house. When he had just gone outside to get more bricks my mom and brothers walked up to me and excitingly said they had something to show me. They walked into the bathroom and into the bathtub to the back wall of our bathroom. There in th corner a secret passage opened and my mom went through. My brother excitingly said something like: look it's a door! and went through as well. Then my oldest brother asked if I wanted to go next, but I hesitated, so he went first. Then I was alone, but I was hesitant to follow. I wondered what my dad would think since we were just leaving him behind without telling where we were going, so I wanted to ask him first. Unfortunately I hesitated too long and the secret door closed. I was really dissapointed and walked out of the bathtub. There I ran into my dad who was carrying another wheelbarrow filled with bricks into the house and he asked where everyone had gone. I explained they just went away without us. He didn't seem bothered by it though. When I woke up I was still really bothered by the fact that I hadn't gone through and I still wonder what would have been behind that secret passage, even though I had this dream years ago...