ex hubby meets ex boyfriend and I hug ex bf's deceased dad

Date: 2/22/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was in a theater, looking for general seating, somewhere in the back. I started out by myself, and started off from center to right, and back to center again. I settled toward the last row, around the center. My ex husband joined me. Theater seats then felt like bleacher seats in a baseball stadium, but indoors. My ex boyfriend (Aash) was there, though I pretended I didn't know it. He wound up finding two seats right next to me, on my right. Ex hubby was on my left. Aash spotted me and I acted really surprised. I said hello to him with no animosity and introduced him to my ex hubby. Aash said, "You remember my dad…" His dad (deceased in real life) looked MUCH younger. He had a lot of hair which was long and thick (for a guy). It was salt and pepper in color and was uncombed, but didn't look unkempt. I guess the hair style looked a little like Einstein. Aash's dad didn't say anything. But I was so glad to see him, as if I knew in my dream that he was dead, and was very grateful to to see him alive, not knowing how he was there with us. I gave him a hug, but didn't want to let go. Eventually, I released my embrace and the four of us enjoyed small talk about sports. ----- Waking thoughts: I emailed ex bf's bro and told him I dreamt of his dad. He said he also had a vivid dream about his father two nights ago and wondered if his dad was trying to reach out to us. ❤️