In China and Dimensional Doorways

Date: 6/20/2019

By jBoetticher

So I was in China for some reason. I had previously had a big fight with a giant badger, totally smashing my black office chair that sits at my family's computer desk. But yes, back to China. China had recently changed all their coins to different coins, all of which were heavier and made up of smaller increments. It was very troublesome. But I decided to go with Fiona and Haein to go through the dimensional stairway. We lived on the second floor, in a doorway second to the light dimension I believe. The third and fourth floors were supposed to be dark dimensions, and I really didn't want to go into the fourth one because it was dark and scary. So we decided to go into the third, because it was more fun. I went inside and it was pretty nice. It opened up into a Plaza surrounded by water. I decided to jump into the shallow water to get to the other side. We all got to the other side and there were a bunch of arcade games that we had fun with. But then an old man came by and got us to leave because he said that this place was only open on Sundays. We went back out of the dimensional doorway and went back to our dimension. I needed to go to the bank, so I went there on a motorcycle and went inside. I opened a bunch of my mail and saw how my grades on my report got progressively worse. Funnily enough I had an a the entire time in math, but got a D and F+ in banking. I found it strange that I got a low GPA due to having little money in my bank account. Then Emily came down the stairway and said something about friendship. I wasn't sure what she was getting at but I'm sure it was important. The bank suddenly announced that they were bankrupt, and a lady started to take all the credit cards to shift their banks around. It was strange and I left. I got back onto my motorcycle with Ben shapiro. While we were driving I told him about the china money change and we agreed that it was dumb. When we got off he started talking about how dumb the heavier coin change was with facts and logic while I held up the coins. We were recorded a lot, and I got nervous. When I got back to my place I found out it got a million views and that the Chinese government was planning on deporting me. But I was planned to get on an airplane anyways so they weren't going to bother. I went to the hospital to check me up after my giant badger fight. The room I went into looked like a classroom with one medical bed. I got in and the three ladies in the room looked like teachers I had seen at school. They were talking about something else and then absent mindedly went to checking me up. One of the ladies said that I needed a painkiller and a blindfold to do the emergency procedure that she was going to do, and proceeded to get none of them. When she took out the needle I tried to stop her because I said that I wanted my blindfold. But then she accidentally stabbed me in my thumb, taking off a big chunk of flesh. It didn't really hurt, but she went off and said look what you did. The nurse left the room and another took two needles and said they needed to drain my lymph nodes. So she stabbed two needles into the sides of my head and just left. Two student nurses came in and watched the needles pump the green fluid out of my head. They then took out the needles when the pumping was done. I felt fine I suppose other than the fact that I had visible holes in my head. I returned back to my place and picked up the pieces of my chair from my fight.