Watching Shrek at work, trapped by a thousand black pebbles, and power outage (can't charge my phone)

Date: 3/21/2019

By pinkstar16121

This dream was weird and harder to remember. I was at work or something and I was watching shrek but it wasn't shrek and then it turned into some other movie and I was trying to turn it off but I couldn't and I felt embarrassed and frustrated. I remember my little sister being in the dream but can't remember the context and I then remember I think I was with my dad and I ended up in a house and I was with some other people I knew and we looked outside and saw a bunch of pebbles on the ground in this driveway and we knew we were blocked in. It was scary. When I finally got home I remember the power then went out and I couldn't charge my phone, which was either dead or dying. The last part I remember before waking up is I went to I think chick Fil A or some other fast food restaurant and it was a drive thru/check out counter where we were outside and the workers were inside kinda like one of those ice cream shops or a snack bar if you know what I mean and the lady made change for us and I was trying to figure out how she'd figured that out and I was still trying to figure out how she subtracted when I woke up until I then figured it out. Wow I'm dumb lol 😂