the evil science guys

Date: 3/21/2017

By Tjika

I was on holiday somewhere. Everything was a bit like a game. Me and some friends were swimming in an old abandoned place (or so we though?). I remember we had run through that place a little while earlier and there had been a lot less water. We had run into evil people then too, but I had teleported us out. It had been a while since then. I saw bunnies swimming around and petted then which made me really happy for some reason. When we got into the main area I was suddenly not really myself anymore. I was someone who has ran from that facility and now the evil scientists were looking at me with this evil smile. They took me into a weird shower place and put me under one next to a dude who had been there fir quite some time. I tried to run and tell them this was wrong, but they only threatened to pit me somewhere even worse so I let it go. The guy told me this stuff was probably adrenaline and he could no longer move without it, because he was addicted. There were suddenly a lot of people in the weird showers and they started to try to get out. They managed to walk, while falling a lot, to the door, which wasn't locked. Outside I found the friends I had been with and suddenly I was not the main character, the girl who had been locked up there for years, anymore. I had still been in the showers though and now everyone was trying to escape. We managed to open the window, but it was quite high. A guy next to me said we should jump anyway though, just take a leap of faith, as long as he didn't need to be here anymore. He jumped and died right in front of me. The girl who jumped after him died as well. I got a bit nausious looking at them and decided not to jump but I could climb out of the window and reach the ground safely that way. We ran away in a big group, but the scientists came after us in cars and on bikes. We hid in an alley and though we were safe, but one guy betrayed us. We ended up on a field where the evil scientists did weird games with us like jump over the rope with an electrified rope. One guy joined the game and got electrified, then the dream ended.