Digital art, Illustrate two friends cuddling in bed and sharing a kiss.

FWB Heat

Date: 2/6/2019


My FWB and I were cuddling in bed with me on top of him. We made out while he grabbed my butt and caressed it. The only thing I could hear were the soft, low moans and heavy breathing I was putting in his mouth as I sucked on his tongue. He slid his hands up my back and grabbed my breasts. I couldn’t help but to throw my head back, inviting him to place his hand on my neck as if to choke me and kiss it. I felt my moans getting more intense and my body shaking with pleasure. We changed positions so that he pinned me against the bed. He slid his hand down my panties to finger me and rub my clit. After about twenty seconds, he revealed his hardness for me to jerk off. At that point, I was getting so turned on that I ended up ripping off my clothes and spreading my legs very wide. He also ripped off his clothes and put himself inside of me. He went nice and slow just how I liked it. He eventually started to increase his speed and depth. I was getting so close from him thrusting in me so hard, deep and fast, and I was shaking more violently as he rubbed my clit; he couldn’t wait to have me explode on him. I screamed as I exploded on him. I didn’t want to recover so quickly, so I pulled him in close to make out with him some more.

AI generated interpretation As an AI, my primary function is to provide an objective analysis of your dream. It is important to note that dreams are highly personal and subjective experiences. The imagery and emotions in your dream could be influenced by several factors, such as your past experiences, current circumstances, and unconscious desires. With that being said, here is an analysis of your dream: The dream appears to be a reflection of your sexual desire for your FWB. Your unconscious mind is processing your sexual attraction towards him and the desire to engage in sexual activities. The cuddling and physical intimacy suggest a desire for emotional closeness and connection with him. The imagery of being on top and him grabbing your butt and caressing it represents a feeling of sexual power and pleasure. Your moaning and heavy breathing indicates a heightened state of arousal and sexual satisfaction. The scene where he pins you against the bed suggests a feeling of submission and vulnerability, indicating that you trust and feel safe with him. The act of fingering and rubbing your clit signifies a desire for sexual pleasure and stimulation. The imagery of ripping off your clothes and spreading your legs indicates a feeling of liberation and uninhibited sexuality. The climax of your dream where you experience a powerful orgasm represents the culmination of your sexual desires and the release of sexual tension. The desire to make out with him after the orgasm signifies a deep emotional and sexual connection with him. Overall, this dream suggests a strong sexual desire and attraction towards your FWB. It may be helpful to process these feelings and explore your desires and needs in your waking life. It is important to communicate your feelings and boundaries with your FWB to ensure that you both have a mutual understanding of your relationship.