Date: 6/4/2019

By CodyT123

This hands down was the scariest dream I have ever experienced..... So it was maybe 9am in real life when this happened! I was in and out of sleep trying to get the most I can and you probably know that feeling when everything is black like your Asleep but you still feel conscious well I remember clear as day it sounded like all the air and all my surroundings got sucked out of the away... I can’t really explain the feeling through text but the best way to is like going into super slowmo then A rapid expansion of force and a MASSIVE booooooom my house was shaking like crazy and I could see a massive light through my window!! At this time I actually woke up and immediately started praying thinking that it was real!!! I was honestly waiting for a shock wave to hit the house I quickly ran downstairs and asked my parents in a panic if the just heard what I did and explained to them what happened and the laughed at me lol!!! This was hands down something I will never forget I thought for sure I was gunna die🔥☠️