Stalker Finds Me

Date: 8/11/2017

By randybobandy

(There is a person that stalks me in real life, there is a warrant out for his arrest from over a month ago but they cannot find him.) In my dream I was talking to an officer. He brought over two guys in handcuffs that looked nothing like the stalker. "Which one is him?" he asked me. "Neither, you showed me security footage of him last week and I was sure that was him. We already confirmed what he looks like," I answered. "Yeah but we can't find him so we think he must look different now." He went away and as soon as his car left my vision, the stalker's car came into it. He pulled into my driveway and started walking towards me. I was screaming and slammed the door closed and locked it and called 911. No one picked up so I left a message. Now he was kicking in the door and yelling. I called the cop's number and the police station and no one answered. He was breaking the door like in The Shining. His whole arm was through and he used it to twist the doorknob and open the door. Then I woke up.