Asking my family friend to drive me downtown to hang out

Date: 3/25/2019

By levinelover

Me and my family friend Matt wanted to hang out downtown, I checked the google maps to see where he is and how to get there. Matt lived even further than downtown, he lived last it. Normally he’ll drive over to me and then give us a ride wherever we need to go, but he wanted to meet halfway today so I searched the route. I met up with a van full of people that would take me downtown, that have taken me downtown before. There were a couple of white guys one older and one younger who were in charge of the service, and a full van. One of the women was blonde with wavy hair and in her 40s. I started to feel very unsure because even though I’ve made the trip several times, I was trying very hard to not spend money unless I had too. I messaged Matt telling him I didn’t think I could do it and asked him to please just drive up to me and give me a ride. He said oh cmon you’ve done it before, one other time isn’t gonna make a difference at all, it’s not a lot of money. I asked the older van man how much it was for the trip and he said 45. I was a little awkward knowing people could hear me saying this, but I said “you know what I’m sorry I can’t come, I know I’ve done it before but that’s just too much I can’t afford it” then the young man said we can lower it to 10 or 5. I looked at him deeply thinking if I should just do it or ask Matt for a ride for free. The older man could see I was skeptical and didn’t wanna do it that cheap so he said 5 is only a percent it would add up to 44 altogether so I’d have a dollar discount. That made up my mind and I told them 5 yes I could but not 44, and walked out the door. Matt was on his way so I waited for him to pick me up. He was probably vlogging, he had 2 million subscribers on YouTube.