Disturbing Microsleep Dream

Date: 6/11/2017

By TastesLikeWallpaper

A girl that didn't look like me, but technically was me was the main character of this dream. I was near a plastic industrial pipe that was slow-leaking a heavy, foggy gas. The gas smelled bad, like burning plastic. A man - a magic man - was talking to some people. He float-walked-glided over to a section of tiled floor that the gas laid thick on and did a sort of vaping trick to the gas with his hands. At the same time, I heard another man, who was the owner of the company say that the gas was bad and should really, really not be inhaled. Nevertheless, I got close and tried to do a vaping tornado trick with a portion of the gas, but my hands couldn't move and I thought to myself, "As usual, I don't have a lot of appendage mobility when dreaming." Though I acknowledged that I was dreaming, I didn't really recognize what I said, so the dream didn't become lucid. I also believe this was because I kinda had this part of the dream before. The part I did not have was when the magic man came over and twirled the tornado for me, right after I thought my appendage hypothesis. He wore a suit and glasses, and he kinda resembled and reminded me of Wesley from the Marvel Daredevil TV show - seemingly nice, but only because they're hiding evil. The magic man then floated upwards on a sparkly purple exhaust-looking cloud and brought me with him. Then, he pushed me through the air away from him. I floated through the air. Behind me was space. He got smaller as his push took me farther. I grew scared and stretched out my hands in his direction. He gave a smile that seemed like it was shaking its head at me and saying, "Oh you" in a fond, pitying way. He opened his arms and I was sucked back to him. He caught me and wrapped his arms around me and looked down at me. Then he changed. He became a cartoon - which I didn't find weird. He was a mix of at least three. He looked like Lemongrab, stretched like Jake the dog, but he had the personality and voice of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. That alarmed me. The entity still had me in their arms. They whispered, "I wanna show you something" and then drifted us up into the starry, space sky. I clung to them and they brought me way above where we were standing, above everything. I looked down and we were in a huge room. There were a bunch what appeared to be enormous tanning tarps with people on them, people living out their lives oblivious to the fact that they were just a speck on a tarp. We stared in silence at the tarp I was from for a while, then they started to float back down to it. I clung harder and said "No, save me, save me". I didn't want to go back now that I knew my life was fake. But then I asked, "What about God? What about heaven and hell?" They looked at me, narrowed their eyes, and said, "God is not real". Then they started kicking me in mid air. I couldn't move. I realized that this would be my eternity.